We would like to reassure you that, even with the restrictions no longer in place, we will still do what we can to keep you all as safe as possible. This includes sanitising equipment after each use, keeping rooms ventilated and the possible wearing of masks in the more restricted areas of our locations. 


Please read prior to booking.

  1. The minimum age you need to be to attend an event is 18. You may be asked for ID if we believe you are younger than this and you could be asked to leave with an accompanying adult. All monies will be lost.
  2. Due to the conditions in some of the venues, i.e. uneven floors and narrow stairways, it is advised that pregnant women and those with any heart conditions or restricted mobility do not attend. If you are unsure please contact us prior to booking to discuss further.
  3. Sensible shoes, such as trainers or flats must be worn to an event. Stiletto's are NOT permitted. Ghostly Gatherings will not be liable for any injury caused by unsuitable footwear.
  4. Guests attend at their own risk. Ghostly Gatherings accept no liability for any accident or injury caused. Health and safety checks will be conducted prior to guests arriving and you'll be informed if there are any areas of the location deemed unsafe. We endeavour to do our best to avoid any accidents or injuries and most things are covered by Ghostly Gatherings public liability insurance. But, because some of the location boundaries are beyond normal public access, we do advise that you have your own third party public liability insurance.
  5. There are only sleeping facilities if stated on the advert. If we're in a hotel / inn and the event isn't advertised as a sleepover, you will need  to arrange accommodation directly with them. Transport is not provided.
  6. Some of our locations are in residential areas. Because of this and the lateness of our events, we ask you to leave as quickly and quietly as you can please. We do advise that if it is a late finish, you book yourself into a local hotel to minimise any accidents that may occur due to tiredness.
  7. There will be opportunities to conduct your own vigils but, for health and safety reasons, at any other time please stay within your allocated paranormal team leader.
  8. Ghostly Gatherings will not be liable for any loss or damage to any belongings brought to an event or left in vehicles. All belongings brought to an event remains the responsibility of the guest.  We will not be responsible for any parking fines or clamping. At times we are in residential areas so please be considerate. We do not take responsibility for any vehicles, even if they are left in location car parks.
  9. No smoking will be allowed within any of the buildings. There will be an area allocated for that which will be explained on arrival. Also, no fire hazards such as candles, will be permitted either.
  10. Light snacks, tea and coffee will be provided throughout the night but please feel free to bring your own along if you'd prefer. We don't cater for food allergies and food is unmarked.
  11. Alcohol is NOT permitted. Anyone suspected of being under the influence of either drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave and no monies refunded. We operate a zero tolerance policy. If anyone is found faking activities or disrupting the investigation you will be asked to leave, without a refund.