Home Visits


Do you think your home is haunted?

Maybe we can help!

Before you contact us though, please read through this page to establish the likelihood of a haunting.....


Think logically!

We can all convince ourselves we have a haunting but we must look around to try to debunk as much as possible first.

Are the noises you're hearing just the house moving as it warms up or cools down? Are cold spots the result of a draft from a window? Are things you've seen, in the corner of your eye, just a trick of the light or shadows from a moving curtain?



Despite experiencing something that may be frightening for you, try to remember as much as possible. The more information we have the easier it is to determine the type of spirit we are working with.

Small things may seem like your imagination but if more than one person see's that same thing then its more likely to be a spirit. 



Try to provide as much evidence as possible, either photo's, video recordings or E.V.P recordings.

Just a single picture of an orb isn't enough! Most orb pictures can be mistaken from dust particles or light interference. 



Keep a log of all events that take place, preferably for at least 4 weeks. It's handy to see if patterns of times, dates etc start to occur.

As well as sights and sounds, also note things you think have been moved or smells.

As said before, even the smallest things can help so note as much as possible down. We can use this when doing our investigation.


Still convinced?

If you've done everything possible to debunk the evidence you've seen and still think your house is haunted you're welcome to contact us for our help. 

Maybe a home vigil is what you're looking for or a home cleansing to remove negative energy. What ever you require we'll try our best to assist you!