Supper and Ghost Hunt at The Ancient Briton - July 27th 2024


After our great success at The Mallard we have been asked to do an event at another Harvester restaurant in St Albans, The Ancient Briton.

St Albans dates back to roman times and there has been a building on this site for several hundred years, with history of stables as well as a saloon bar. It takes it name to commemorate the people who lived and worked in the city for 2000 years and the stone placed outside the building is there to represent this. 

We were asked to organise an investigation here after the former manager, Becca, showed us some CCTV footage of a pint of beer being pushed over in the bar area, without anyone around it. The staff also feel apprehensive when going down into the cellar, which spans the entire floor space under the building. On our walk around both Keith and myself felt a presence down there. 

Why not join us on our first outing to this historical place and see if we can experience some activity with us. A 2 or 3 course meal is included in the price and we will contact you 2 weeks before the event to per-order your meals.

Arrival time is 7.30 pm and we hope to finish at 1 am.