Ghost Hunt at Aylesbury Old House, 14th September 2024


The oldest part of the museum, The Tudor House, situated in Church Street, Aylesbury, dates back to the 1470's. It was owned then by the Fraternity, who also owned almshouses & hospitals and carried out charitable work. In the 1750's it was refurbished in the Georgian style and again in the 1990's much as how we see it today.

There are stories told by those who have worked in the building and other paranormal groups also report strange things happening within it's walls. 

One the night we will have sole use of both the Georgian Room & The Tudor House, the attic rooms once used by the head master when it was a school and other area's where the exhibitions are on show. The absolute gem on the night though is access to the underground cellar, the original wine cellar which has a network of tunnels leading out into the Aylesbury Market Square and nearby church. These are blocked up now but would have been an escape routes back in the day. We sat in there for a few minutes on our walk round and had all the lights turned off. You literally couldn't see your hand in front of your face!


The arrival time is 8pm and we will finish and leave at 1am.