Supper and ghost hunt at The Sun Hotel. July 20th 2024.

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We've been invited back to host a ghost hunt at this amazing building, steeped in history and numerous accounts of spirit activity from both staff and guests!

Extract taken from Hertslive.......
"With not just one ghost said to be haunting this Hitchin hotel, the stories and sightings vary suggesting that there could be a number of spirits lurking.
If you think you can handle it, ask to stay in room 10. It is said that a women reportedly makes herself known in this room.
One man woke to the feeling of a woman laying across his face trying to suffocate him, he was so scared that he ran out of the hotel unable to stay the night and didn't return until the next day.
In the 1800s, Lord Havisham committed suicide in the hotel due to his large gambling debts and is said to still haunt the building. There have been reports by staff members who claim to have witnessed a monk walk across to the bar and help himself to a drink."

On my walk round a few years ago, I did encounter the lady in one of the rooms, laughing (possibly under the influence!). I saw a huge orb in one of the en suite bathrooms, shoot across the room and had a really strong feeling of someone with me when I entered the ballroom. In the bar, adjacent to the ballroom, I believe there to be a spirit of a young boy.

A small groups of us were able to take part in an investigation for halloween a few years ago and had some amazing activity, both in room 10 and the ballroom. The ouija board was so active and we believe it to be rhe spirit of a gentleman who didn't want his "lady" speaking to other men!

Arrival time is 7.30pm and we will be eating at 8pm. Please let us know, when ordering your tickets which choice of food you would like. The choices are...
Fish and chips
Chicken in a basket
Butternut risotto

We will be starting our investigations at around 9pm, once we have given you a run down of the equipment we'll be using and put a protection prayer in place.
At the end of the night you'll be given the opportunity to use our equipment and go off on your own to investigate.

Helen, our tarot card reader, will be available all night, at an additional cost.

We intend to finish at 1 am.