Is there an age limit to events?

All those attending have to be over the age of 18. Please see our terms and conditions for further information.

What should I bring?

The equipment for the evening will be supplied but it's always handy to bring along a torch as you'll be in the dark for a lot of the evening.

Will I see a ghost?

Unfortunately, we have no control over what happens during the night but we will put you in areas of the buildings where there is greater chance of some paranormal activity.

Do I have to join in?

We don't force anyone to do anything they're not comfortable with so if you'd rather just watch everyone else from the sidelines that's fine by us.

How big are the groups?

Most of our events are for between 20-26 people, who are then split up into 3 smaller groups. Occasionally there will be slightly more or less than this but it will be stated on the event information, if that's the case.

Can I bring any photographic / ghost hunting equipment with me?

You are welcome to bring along any equipment you feel may help with the nights investigation.