Supper and ghost hunt at The Mallard. 11th May 2024

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The building that we know today as The Harvester, in Hemel Hempstead, started it's life as a posting house, according to census records dating back to 1851. These would be houses or, in this case an inn, where horses were kept that could be rented out. They would be used as post offices are today, to distribute the mail. Back in 1861 it was known as The Railway Hotel and had provisions to stable 7 horse. Between 1855 and 1912, the census records show us that it was run by various generations of the Dunning family.


We were invited here for an investigation, after some of the current staff had experienced strange goings on within the building, the most frequent one being the hand dryer in the ladies toilets turning itself on late at night when the restaurant was being locked up. There was also a recording of someone, in the carpark, walking about and then disappearing, on the cctv footage. Our last investigation proved the building to be very active with lots of emf meters going off, ouija board work and seeing someone's hair being tugged!


We are organising this night slightly different to our usual suppers, whereby, you will book your tickets for the ghost hunt with ourselves, Ghostly Gatherings and pay for your meal separately on the night. On booking your space, you will be contacted by email to take your food order, which is either from the 2 or 3 course set menu. A link for the menu will be sent to give you plenty of time to decide on your food choices. You will then be required to pay for your food when you arrive. 


Arrival time is 8pm and we hope to get started with our investigation by 9.15pm. Finishing time will be around 1am.


Tea and coffee will also be available throughout the night.


The Mallard

507 London Road,
Hemel Hempstead,