Moot Hall


November 26th 2022

Moot Hall is a 15th century building, situated in the small village of Elstow in Bedfordshire. Built by Elstow Abbey, it was a market house, where the ground floor was originally divided into small bays and used as shops, while the first floor was used for "courts of pie powder". This was to hear disputes from the local fairs, checking up on merchants credentials and testing weights and measures.


During the 19th Century it became the Bunyan Meeting Church. John Bunyan fought for freedom of non-conformist worship and the group continued to worship here until 1910.


It became a museum in 1951, illustrating English 17th Century life and also the works of John Bunyan.


Moot Hall was the location for our very first event and we weren't disappointed! We had plenty of Ouija board, spirit box and rem pod activity and even witnessed the chandelier being pushed on command, upstairs on the main hall!!


There is one well known spirit here, who likes to mess about with the shops main door of which, we believe, we have video footage of!!


There have been a number of other PI groups who have had events here and curator, Clive Arnold, will join us at the end of the evening to compare our findings with that of other teams.


Come and join us at this very lively and popular place for ghost hunting.


Arrive at 7.30 to begin for 8pm. Finish 12.30am