Moot Hall ghost hunt. 17th February 2024. 7.30pm - 12.30am


We will be returning to Emma's favorite place to investigate on 17th February 2024, Moot Hall in Elstow.

Built around 1440-1450, the building was designed to act as a market house and a court room. The ground floor was divided into small shops and upstairs was used to hear  disputes from the faires taking place on the local land. 

As investigators, we have visited here twice before and have a huge amount of activity, including children running around the court room, chandeliers swinging on request, Ouija board work, doors closing on their own and people pacing up and down the stairs. It never fails to disappoint!

Clive, the curator, will be giving a brief history at the beginning of the night and will return at the end to compare notes from other PI's.

This place is always worth a visit!!

Moot Hall
Church End
MK42 9XT